Outside the Practice

Hi there! A little bit about myself personally:

My twin brother and I were born in Milton, Florida – a small town just outside of Pensacola. After years of practice away from home in Washington, D.C., and Miami Beach (Florida), I moved back home for the latter part of my professional career. Here in Pensacola I am involved in The First United Methodist Church — who my great, great grandfather was a circuit rider for in the South Alabama-North Florida District back in the early 1800s. My great love outside of plastic surgery is history, and I have been looking into an old family story of my great, great, great (that’s three greats!) uncle having been the president of Florida’s first state constitutional convention. All this keeps me busy, and aside from my practice, my pup Lilly is another great joy of mine. (she’s in the picture to the left!)

Along with all of this I am a member of the American Horticultural Association, the American Rose Society, and the Pensacola Rose Society. Being outdoors and getting my hands in the soil puts my soul where it should be.

Socially, I’m involved in the Stamped film festival, Pensacola’s gay and lesbian film festival, and I’m a contributor to Oasis – the Florida Panhandle’s largest provider of HIV education and intervention programs. I also provide considerable support to the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra. Check them out if you want!

In short, being home is where I should be… and caring for patients here is what I am best at doing.

I hope you have a great day!